Plattsburgh Public Library

Board of Trustees

The Plattsburgh Public Library operates under a Charter from the State of New York. The Mayor and the Common Council of the City of Plattsburgh appoint the Library Board of Trustees, which is the decision making body. Funding is provided by local and State funds, with the City of Plattsburgh providing the major portion.

2022 Board Members

  • Shirley O’Connell, President, Ward V
  • Jennifer Creedon, Vice President, Ward IV
  • Elizabeth Baker, Secretary, Ward IV
  • Jacob Avery, Ward II
  • David Monette, Ward V
  • Elaine Ostry, Ward III

Monthly Board Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of every month (except December, which is the second Tuesday), in the first floor Smart Room (or due to COVID-19 via Zoom). They begin at 4:30 and are open to the public.

Committee Meeting Dates:

Finance & Facilities Committee, 3:30pm in the Smart Room (or due to COVID-19 via Zoom), every third Wednesday of the month (except June, which is the fourth Wednesday; and December, which is the first Wednesday).


Central Library Plan of Service 2022-2026

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Open Meeting Policy– All public and association libraries are subject to open meetings law (Education Law, §260-a).

Confidentiality of Library Records– All public and association libraries are required to keep library records confidential according to Civil Practice Laws and Rules, §4509.

Conflict of Interest Policy– All public and association libraries are subject to Not-for-Profit Corporation Law, §715-a.

Whistle Blower Policy– All public and association libraries with twenty or more employees AND an annual revenue in excess of one million dollars in the previous fiscal year are subject to Not-for-Profit Law, §715-b.  (Note that this is required only for certain libraries.)