Plattsburgh Public Library

Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar Vendors

Public Notice

In accordance with Section 241-2 of the City Code, notice is hereby given that the Plattsburgh Public Library is seeking vendors to operate a Coffee Bar inside the library under a license agreement with the Library. 

We are seeking qualified vendors (bakery and coffee providers) to work with the Library to provide these services with a one year license to operate the space as a library provided concession. The license will be renewable for two consecutive terms according to the License Agreement. The proposed space will be approximately 15’6” in overall length x 5’6” overall depth. The working surface of the coffee bar will start 60” from the back brick wall. Operating equipment not included.   

As minimum, qualified vendors must have experience in successfully operating businesses engaged in similar uses, a Clinton County Health Department license, insurance, business licenses and other required items prior to final selection and award of a license. 

 Proposals, or request for further information, should be submitted to Jamie Parrotte at or write to PPL 19 Oak Street Plattsburgh NY 12901, attn. Jamie Parrotte.